Apr 2010
Record Sales!
Yea me! This April goes down as my personal best so far! At least, as far as Creative Memories goes! I made record sales this month, more than doubling my past "best sales" month! I'm very excited that it went so well and I'm hoping it continues as the summer approaches! Wish me luck!
Back from Spring Break!
Well, we went to Iowa for Easter and ended up being gone for nine whole days. Now that we have been back for a week I finally feel like I'm getting back into the groove of things. But tomorrow is my birthday and that means the month of April has flown by way too fast. Every three months I have to make a sales quota to stay in business with Creative Memories. My three months is up this month. That means I have ten days left to meet my quota and I still have a ways to go. I really need to focus on getting some more orders. I've been working the business hard this month and I have a lot of people "thinking" about this or that and checking out my website, but so far only two orders. I guess getting my website and pictures updated is going to have to wait until May. Right now I'm going to concentrate all my efforts on staying in business. If you're interested in helping me out please click on the Creative Memories link to go to my website and place an order. So until May... TTFN!