Mar 2010
Busy Week
I'm going to try and be better about keeping at least the blog up to date. I don't know if the rest of the site will be as lucky, but I'll try and do this much. I have a busy week this week. It's pretty normal routine for Jon and JT, but we are thinking of going to Iowa next week for Spring Break and I have a bunch of stuff I want to try and get caught up on before we leave. So far today I'm off to a good start. I got some laundry done and some cleaning done. I got my other blog current and online finally. I have a plan of action for the rest of the week. Now I just need to go make my bed and sleep in it! (I washed the sheets today).

But if we go to Iowa for Spring Break I might not get this site updated the first week of April like I usually try to do. So I'm being proactive and posting before April 1st instead so say hello and Happy Spring! The weather is suppose to warm up this week and this afternoon the sun finally came out so things are starting to look a little brighter here in Michigan!
Good Parenting!
I'm going to take a moment to pat myself on the back. I won't do it on my other blog or on FB because I don't want to offend anyone. But I am very proud of my son and myself. We just spent about three hours with a couple other children that were just wild! Normally kids fall under the "monkey see, monkey do" spell, but JT remained true to himself and was well mannered and calm. He was still goofy and still played. He is after all still a little boy, but he was also a very good listener and did as he was asked. When the other boys were invading his space he politely asked them to please stop. They didn't listen and continued to be wild and loud, but I was very proud of JT. I don't know if it's the lack of vaccines, if it's the homeopathy, if it's the school he goes to (he kept repeating "1-2-3- eyes on me" which is what his teacher says when the kids get wild and she needs them to listen), or if it's just good parenting. Right now, even though I know it's a combo of all of the above, I'm going with good parenting. I love my little boy and I think he's pretty cool! He's not a jock. He's not an outdoors-man. But he's smart and funny and very lovable! Best of all he's MINE! Sorry Jon, but saying he's OURS just isn't the same, but I'll share him with you. Happy
Happy Tuesday!
I love Tuesdays! Preschool, then Kindermusik, then naptime! Yea for Mommy! I spend my morning working my Creative Memories business and I spend my afternoon getting caught up on everything else! Today I've been very busy, but still feel like I have a hundred things to do! It's crazy!!! But the sun is out and it's almost 60 degrees so I'm not complaining!!!
JT just woke up so I'm going to get off the computer. I just added a few new videos so check those out. I'll update everything else at a later date!
Love ya!