Dec 2009
A New Look
Welcome back to! It's been several months since I've updated my website. I've been wanting to change it around a little bit and make it easier to post pictures and videos of JT since that's what most of you are interested in. I just haven't made the time to totally re-work the site the way I wanted, but tonight I decided I needed to get something done. So keep in mind that it's still under construction, but I'm trying out some new things. Feel free to let me know what you like and don't like about it. Keep in mind as you're reading through some of this that I'm trying to keep it simple for JT's grandparents and my grandparents. So, grandparents of all skill sets, if you can't access anything or have problems pulling up anything please let me know so I can make sure that you're getting to see all that is J.T. Long! Happy
A Little About Me...
Previously I had this info listed on it's own page on this site, but now I've decided to try and just enter it as a blog entry to see how it looks. Let me know what you think. It's just a little bit about myself. Nothing surprising to most people.
Interests & Hobbies:
Scrapbooking - this is my number one hobby and my current stress-reliever! I love to work on my albums and I love sharing them with others and helping others preserve their most cherished memories too. Living Legacy albums have become a goal for me. I think they are more meaningful than Memorial albums! Feel free to ask me what the difference is if you're not familiar with either one.
Children – I love everything about them from babysitting to charities to just observing them and admiring their innocence and curiosity. J.T. and I are involved in some play groups and it's just fun to watch all the different personalities in these groups. Watching JT grow up has been a lot of fun!
Dolphins - I collect mostly figurines and jewelry.
Wyland is by far my favorite artist!
Environment & Wildlife - Please help take care of the dolphins and the pandas! Collectively, as a species, we have to take better care of our environment and do anything we can to prevent global warming. The weather is out of control!
Disney - the store, the movies, Walt Disney World, Walt Disney Land, and I collect the musical water globes, sweatshirts, and stuffed animals.  Dopey and Eeyor are my favorites.
Alpha Xi Delta:
I was a sister of the
Sigma chapter as was my sister. I met three very special women there who became some of my best friends. If you would like to learn a little more or if you are a sister and haven't found our national web page, you ought to check it out.  One of my favorite parts of the sorority was our philanthropy - Choose Children.
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FAQs About Me

Q. Why "The Princess Playground"?
A. Because I'm the Princess...

... and this is my Prince and Castle.

Q. Favorite Shows?
A. Sitcom: I don't watch much TV any more.
Drama: I really don't have the time for drama... of any kind.
Soap Opera: Days Of Our Lives (for the last 20 years)
Reality TV: Dancing With The Stars

Q. Favorite Color? Do you really need to ask?

Q. Favorite Animal?
A. Dolphins

What else would people like to know? Send me an email.