Apr 2008
As Seen On TV
Decided the Magic Bullet is pretty cool after all. At least JT thought so when I was making him smoothies almost daily over the summer. Happy
Now I want to try the BigTop Cupcake and the Perfect Brownie.
I know no one reads this stuff, but I feel like writing it anyway. I bought the Back To Basics Hot Cocoa maker after using my sister's at Christmas time. I really like it. I love hot chocolate and this is really easy to use!
My other As Seen On TV purchases have been a little less exciting. I tried the Pancake Puff Pan. I apparently don't know how to use a cast iron pan, because both times I've tried it I've succeeded in making a big mess, but producing nothing edible! I also bought the Magic Bullet. It's actually a pretty handy little thing. I've used it a few times now. I'm a little worried though. Last time I used it it kind of smelled like smoke. I read on the web if you don't use it exactly as the directions say to then it breaks pretty easy. I think I'm using it right, but then again who knows! The jury is still out on the Magic Bullet.