Sep 2007
Creative Memories
I love Creative Memories and I love scrapbooking. I'll be using my blog to pass along news of any great sales or promotions that are running, but also to invite people to crops. Any time you want to get together to work on an album just let me know. I've got lots to do yet. Happy
Hello Scrapbookers! I'm considering signing up with CM again. I have a lot of stuff to buy for this little guy's baby book. I was just wondering if there's anyone out there that would like to place an order? I'm thinking I may only sign up if I have enough people interested in placing an order. Email me if you want more details.
Does Anyone Read These?
I've decided no one actually reads my blogs, but now that they are going to be front and center on my site I guess I should be careful what I say. Happy
I try really hard to make it to Christy's blog and Stephanie's blog once a month. But I never seem to think about updating my own. Does anyone read these messages? Should I be writing more often? It looks like I could do some cool things like enable comments, set up podcasts, and use RSS, but most of that is foreign to me so I don't know how much I'll get into the bloging thing. I may try it for a while though.
Right now there's just not a lot to report about that I haven't written about in other areas. We're focused on moving in and getting settled. To keep us from going crazy and to get us out of the house, JT and I have joined a MOMS Club to meet some new friends. So far we've really enjoyed it! I'm looking forward to a MOMS Night Out Wednesday to go to a crop at someone's house. I really enjoy my scrapbooks, but I never seem to accomplish much here at home. I do better when I go to crops. I'm also looking forward to our field trip with the group on Thursday. We're going to go to a cider mill. I've never been to one before so it will be a first for both JT and me. I hope to buy some cider, donuts, and apple crisp while we're there.
Well, it's getting late. I should get this published and get off to bed. Good-night!